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The lowest carbon footprint of any TV bracket in the world

Tech-Brack are proud to boast the lowest carbon footprint of any TV bracket in the world! (Decisively addressing the high carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of steel brackets).

Due to their modular design, our TV Brackets are also 100% recyclable, making them the ultimate eco-friendly TV and Monitor Brackets.

Here are some other great reasons to choose Tech-Brack TV brackets over traditional steel brackets...


Tech-Brack's material supplier is carbon neutral as a business and 1 tonne of material produced delivers 0.15kg per tonne of carbon emissions. In comparison, 1 tonne of steel emits 1.75 tonnes of carbon during manufacture.

If we consider that the metal bracket can be up to 3 times the weight then a quantity of plastic brackets produced from 1 tonne of material would take 3 tonnes of steel to produce. 3 x 1.75 = 5.25 tonnes of carbon emissions.


Our LCD TV & Monitor brackets are produced in one operation on the latest state of the art machinery with minimal energy usage. The power used per kg of material conversion is 0.11298kwh/kg.

In comparison, steel pressing is notoriously inefficient. There are also several secondary operations such as trimming, welding and painting which all add to the carbon footprint of a finished steel product.

Waste Management

Any wastage from the production process of our brackets is converted back to granular form in house and used for 'non loaded parts', therefore there is no waste at all.

In comparison, steel has to go back through the original process in order to recycle therefore once again production emissions are created.


100% of Tech-Brack brackets can be re-cycled without any complicated pre-operations.

In comparison, a metal bracket will have to go through several operations such as paint removal cleaning etc before re-use.


Transport emissions will be 1/3 of that for metal brackets due to the weight difference. (e.g. For every 100 steel brackets transported, 300 Tech-Brack brackets can be transported at the same weight, therefore significantly saving on fuel and related emissions).

Additionally, Tech-Brack products are manufactured in the UK, where as metal brackets invariably originate from China adding a significant amount to the carbon footprint of the product.


Our packaging is kept to a minimum and can be 100% recycled as only card and paper is used.

In comparison, metal brackets are often packaged in several different materials making the consumer less likely to separate these items for recycling.

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